Self-Portrait (2012) detail, above. Acrylics and mixed medium on plexi. More here.

Before art I was a creative in advertising, a copywriter.

Winner of Gold Clio Award, Twice - Evan Silberman NYCSome of my earliest art pieces included painting headlines and visuals on canvas similar to how I’d been creating ads in advertising for BMW and Club Med. Then I took to painting words on frames.

Putting words into such permanent form was a dare and a leap for me. It was in-the-flesh exposing. It was live wire poetics because I painted as I wrote – painting thought on matter. It was the beginning of my love of painting things.

Fortunately, unlike advertising, which is inherently fleeting, art remains. This shop is being populated from over 30 years of my work as an artist.

Bronx Born, Long Island Raised

I was born in the Bronx, raised on Long Island, graduated Emory University, and schooled at Parsons and the School of Visual Arts. New York City is my location for home.

My careers have included producing TV commercials, advertising copywriting (two time Gold Clio Award winner), freelance marketer, website builder, extra pair of hands, and counselor.

NYC in my 30’s? Hours of great music and a dance floor to go with it… this was my alternative to playing golf on a Sunday morning. I found it athletic. I could arrive at 6am and dance till noon.

As artist and shop owner of this site, I consider the work I do original and new … and roughly under the outsider umbrella. More about my art process here: a new art brut.

Art From Repurposed Materials

I often create art using repurposed materials. As I’ve said many times, “I like to paint things.” And I do.

The tobacco stick, below, is a perfect example. When I first saw them stacked in a barn I had to be told what they were. What wasn’t unclear was their appeal to me as canvas, marvels I wanted to paint.

Raw Un-Painted Tobacco Stick - E.G.Silberman

I brought six back to NYC from Kentucky and gave them a go. One of those original six is now back at the farm: the Daffodil Stick.

Artifact To Art

When I introduced my painted tobacco sticks into the arts community in 2012, the BBC Greenwich Village Crafts & Fine Art Festival awarded them Most Successful Use of Recycled Materials.

The Male Quadrant

Within my many explorations as an artist, one line of inquiry has prevailed preeminently. It’s a focus in the area I call the male quadrant.

One of my biggest questions has always been: What have we learned?

Vast, and little explored, the male quadrant has been a rich coordinate for me. I’m currently building a website for male conversation and education. And I’ve explored it in my art. Here are some pieces, from 2001 to 2012:  1) What Do Men Not Have? painted the weekend before 9/11, 2001, 2) The Hug, painted on glass, 2004, and 3) painted ties, 2007.  Human Husbandry in the Male Quadrant, 2005, for it’s explicitness, and for putting myself in the picture, hair and all, my Self-Portrait, 2012 too. For more visit my Males Gallery.

From My Collection To You

There is adoration at the heart of all the work I do. Perhaps it’s flat out gratitude. For so long, art has been for me a private haven, a path to express appreciation, ask questions, codify observations, and a means to share joy and to connect.

I hope that the pleasure of owning my art will be for you as blessed an experience as it has been for me. And while I have never said “It’s alive!” like Dr. Frankenstein might have over his creation, I do think my work is of a highly lively nature. Lively in spirit, original and unique.

My art shop is here to serve you, so do speak up and let me know if I can be of help. I will continue to add pieces to the shop so stay tuned.

Evan Silberman
Artist & Shop Owner

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