I look forward to working with you.

I’ll enliven your ties. Pricing begins at $250 to paint 1/2 dozen of your ties. You send them to me and I’ll send them back hand painted. Here are some ties I’ve done.  Shop ties too.  Commission me, below.

I’ll paint your pet’s portrait. Commissions start at $675 for 5″x7″ sized portrait. We can use a photo you provide or set up a photo session for me to take the shots myself. Here are some portraits I’ve done. Commission me, below.

Have need for some original masks? Having a special party you want made even more special? Commission me to create the masks. Primitive and Elegant. Here are some masks I’ve painted. Commission me, below.

Have an object your gut says has a second life in it? Well maybe I’ll feel the same way too. It would be our project. You’ll have a before and after. Commission me to paint it. I’ve painted lamps and wall clocks, frames and tables, jewelry and fur, sticks and stones, pocketbooks and shoes. Here are some objects I’ve painted. Commission me, below.

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Evan Silberman NYC Redline Dash