Woman - Evan Silberman NYC 2006


Mixed medium on mannequin form
32 x 16 x 6 inches

I’ve called this piece many things – Woman Form, Universal Woman, and as it’s currently called here, Woman.  In a way it’s a visual locking in of innumerable aspects.

A friend brought this mannequin to me knowing full well I’d take to it.  He was right. I started painting it that day.  Dotting and strokes expose the form, help define it. Like a galactic representation of being, WOMAN is strong, fit, universal.  This piece embodies much of what I do.  It’s a reuse of a found object, a form I took to like canvas.

Materials: plastic molded form with metal hanger attached at top. It is painted with acrylics and mixed medium such as crystal, mirror, leaf.

WOMAN is currently available for purchase.

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Evan Silberman

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