Art highlights

Planting a Tree

Tree - Being Placed

TREE, 2005, is firmly planted in life. Strong, enduring and beautiful. It, along with two other pieces, made the drive from my studio, above, to the Upper West Side, below. Everything fit.   TREE is painted on a foam core reflector, the kind used in photo shoots. I used chalk, acrylics, adornments and mixed medium. SQUARE, visible […]

Four Slender Acetates

Four Tall Acetates - Evan Silberman - 2009

In 2009 I divided a swath of acetate into four parts resulting in these: Pineapple Welcome, Toothbrush, #Two and Green Growing. They’re painted using acrylics and mixed medium on both sides and have clear backgrounds. They’re approximately 52″ x 12″ each. Pineapple Welcome Toothbrush #Two Green Growing   I’ve envisioned them trimmed from their surrounding […]