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human husbandry

Human Husbandry in the Male Quadrant, 2005, 37″x 25″, acrylic and mixed medium on framed board.

Both “human husbandry in the male quadrant” and “the male quadrant of human husbandry” are written on this piece. Both work.

At the time, 2005, I seem to have wanted the option. Those words are painted on particleboard and are joined by the drawing of a book entitled “Men From Birth.”

As an artist I see a void in male consciousness, or put differently, an opening for basic us awareness. Specifically, this piece speaks to what I see as an absence in male conversation.

As males, we have such individual streaks that we’ve given little to no effort toward discerning how to raise our kind better? No matter what our age, whether adult, senior, pubescent, or infant, we as males rarely speak to each other as a whole, of ourselves. And as such we forfeit the benefits of our own common knowledge. This is why these words appear here in this work and why this work exists at all.

My question is … What have we learned? What is the male persons owner’s manual, beyond sect and tribe, guild, family and region? What can we pass along to each other as males, to our sons, and to parents of future sons?

Through a male focused cooperative of wisdom, conversation, and consensus, the goal of balanced betterment exists.

This is ongoing for me. I am pursuing the educational hope to have a site built soon for male quadrant conversation, forum, edification and use.

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