Mehmet’s First Anniversary, 2017

Mehmet's First Anniversary

Evan Silberman NYC Redline Dash 3

Mehmet’s First Anniversary was painted in celebration of Victoria and Engin’s boy at the one year anniversary of his birth.

It is painted on clear canvas acetate using acrylics and mixed medium.

Unpainted areas in Mehmet’s First Anniversary allow the surface behind it to show within it’s framed area. This allows for an merging effect.

I encourage thumbtacks for hanging these particular type of pieces as they have painted frames and … I could go on. Lots of pluses.

And finally, it has a varied edge because I cut this canvas from a single source and my straight line cutting skills are just okay.

Mehmet’s First Anniversary  is roughly 12″ x 16″. It’s signed on the back.


Evan Silberman

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