Principle Obscura


PRINCIPLE OBSCURA’s principles and visual premise apply to our politics today. I make it available in the shop as I made it come to be in 2005 … with belief in the substance of America and the solidity in which it will survive, integrity intact, even when winds blow misfortune and mismanagement its way.

It’s painted using acrylics, adornments, and mixed medium on a fabric of American flags.


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I painted this using a material being sold as a picnic table cloth. I saw it as canvas.

The impetus for painting it? President Bush, 2005.

In my art I’ve gravitated toward some visual patterning. Typically, after doing something enough times I’d start noticing and noticing how good it made me feel. Like the painting of five of something. Five trees. Five hairs. Putting a hand up, five fingers. Count me in. Five feels complete.

In this piece there are at least five fives. Three of them are the peaks on the crown, the cypress, the obscurings crossing the face.

In my book five has weight. Five is the handshake – universal, solid, human.

Principle Obscura is older brother to another piece I painted in 2009 with a different President in the White House, American Male. It is growth and spring green with laurels on it’s head. It uses the same picnic fabric as canvas.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 1.5 x 28 in


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